RPA IN Retail/E-Commerce

RPA provides an affordable solution to benefit the retail sector with superior customer experience, optimisation of inventory management & preparing it for digital transformation

How automation helps you

Improves Fulfillment Rates

Automated product pricing, inventory stock management, processing of invoices & refunds results in a much higher fulfillment rates.

Increases Margins & Revenue

Automation of repetitive operational tasks with the help of affordable software solutions, dynamic pricing of items, new product launch using dedicated communication.

Enhances Customer Experience

Personalised offerings at better price, product placement as per local demographics and preferences, swift responses to client's requests and notifications on discounts/offers.

Reduction of Errors

Process purchase orders, replacements & refunds in an automated fashion using software bots results in higher efficienct and accuracy.

Reduce back office operations by 50%


Return management

Manage returns by automatically processing requests, crediting refunds, & ordering replacements.

Trade Promotions

Automate sending of promotional messages to different target groups on basis of local culture, preferences, etc.

Fraud Management

RPA solutions can scan multiple documents / primary check to look for discrepancies and report for any error for staff to only make final decisions.

Record to report

Record data from purchase orders, invoices, return orders, sales orders etc. to generate reports in standard formats for auditing & reporting.

1 %
Product Categorization Accuracy
/10 CEO to invest in new technologies
1 %
Improvement in fulfillment rates

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