Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Understand the complexities of human speech, extract sentiments or tone of a speech or text, identify words or phrases as entity, or perform the opposite i.e, understand  structured text & create human speech. 


Spam Detection

Text classification techniques with NLP offers ways to identify phishing or spam emails by processing words or sentences, looking for unusual or threading words.

Voice Commands

Recognise patterns in human speech to respond in a particular way. Identifying the tone of the voice command, i.e, asking a question, etc.

Sentiment Analysis

Extract sentiments from comments, reviews and feedback on various products. Condense the findings further with keyword analysis to find key emotions around a product.

Text Summarisation

Summarise huge volume of texts into condensed form automatically using NLP techniques. Describe a product, solution offering in concise using text summarisation.


Use NLP techniques to translate one language into another. Translate brochures, product specifications, testing manuals from one language into another.

Text categorisation

NLP techniques can categorise text/emails based on the subject, sentiment or a particular word/sentence. For Eg. Product requests can be categorised & sent to specific departments for a quick response.

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