Achieve better compliance, automation of daily work routines, data accuracy & enhanced patient experience.

How automation helps you

Increased Appointment Turnover

Automated notifications to patients on doctor's availability, cancellations & follow up discussions could result in higher appointment turnover.

Improved Patient Experience

Reduced errors, fast service using chatbots & more personalised experience by gathering & analysing patient's data.

Eliminatation of Human Error ​

Critical Information such as previous line-of-treatment, medicine prescriptions, diagnosis can be accurately stored and retrieved for an overall better treatment.

Better Compliance​

Reduce repetitive administrative tasks, follow standard procedures, & gather data for audit trials for an overall better compliance.

Reduce 30% costs in claims processing


Chart Management

Gathered patient data can be extracted in structured form such as reports, charts, or other standard formats to provide accurate treatment every time.

Event Scheduler

Schedule events like medicine administration, house keeping, follow ups, emergency visits, etc.

Inventory Management

Vendors are contacted through automated notifications whenever a stock item falls below a

1 %
improvement in staff satisfaction
1 %
Technical Potential for automation
$ 1
(Bil. USD) value by 2025

Here are a few use cases

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