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What is RPA?

ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA) is a technology that will automate tasks for you!

RPA includes the use of software bots that make it easy to manage everyday tasks more efficiently.


Just like people, software robots can do things like navigate systems, scrape web data, make calculations, open and move files, parse emails, connect to APIs, and extract unstructured data.

Faster & more efficient

Any rule-based business process can be automated using the RPA technology. Not only do the bots do more work in lesser time, but they can work 24x7 without human breaks.

Compliances & Auditability

Because bots can adapt to any workflow, there’s no need to change business systems or existing processes. The bots are programmed to meet all compliances, and all actions are recorded for future audit purposes.

Let RPA handle it.


Accelerated growth

The bot works faster, 24x7, error-free. Let your workforce focus on strategy and organisation growth, while our bot takes care of redundant and mundane tasks.

major cost saving

Our bots drive rapid and significant improvement to business metrics around the world, with higher accuracy and smaller task force.

Artificial intelligence

Let our bots transform unstructured and hidden data into meaningful insights. Business reports that drive unparalleled growth.


Repetitive work for our bots, while your employees work on challenging tasks that add business value. Because when your employees grow, your business grows!



Automate claim processing, adjudication process, enrolments, audit management and reports.


Automate purchase order processing, inventory management, shipping, supply chain management, CRM and sales.


Automate patient management, medical record & data management, claims processing, operations & analytics.


Automate customer onboarding, credit decisioning, data migration, mortgage & loans and regulatory compliances.


Automate freight costing, invoice verification, ERP process, receipt confirmation & regulatory compliances.


Automate recruitment & talent management, finances, procurement and regulatory compliances.

how it works

We offer an end-to-end RPA implementaion to help you set up or scale your business. With our easy to use and affordable service, you can grow your business faster, more efficiently and have better ROI.

1. Requirement Gathering

Our team of experts will understand your business workflow and your requirements, and formulate a custom solution for you.

2. Development & Testing

Achieve digital transformation goals with our smart bots. We assess the performance of our bots against your pre-defined success criteria.

3. Deployment & Training

We will work with you to ensure zero or minimal down time. Our team will train your team to use the bot, and how to handle various scenarios.

Sucess stories

Our ever expanding roster of RPA bots have satisfied a variety of different clients.



The RPA Bots are really efficient in automating our manual tasks. It is customisable and simple to use. Optimised our work flow.
RPA Client Testimonial
Md. Mazhar Taufeeque
Manager Projects, Thyrocare Gulf
Crazy Automation that makes work so much easier for us. We have seen massive increase in business revenue and profits. And obviously, efficiency!
Priyanka B
Marketing Team, Robocraze
These bots has helped me grow leaps and bounds. My team is now more focused on strategical development & business growth.
Partha Mandal
AGM - Sales, Technomec Solutions Pvt Ltd