RoboSoccer (2)

RoboSoccer – Children’s Day Special Event at TIF Labs, Hyderabad

On the occassion of Children’s Day, TIF Labs (Robocraze) organized a fun RoboSoccer competition at their centre in Attapur. The kids were taught how to build a Remote Controlled two-wheeled drive robot on the 13th of November, Sunday. They were then given a day to convert their two-wheeled drive into innovative RoboSoccer Bots. Results = AWESOME!!!


A very intense competition was observed on Monday as the kids entered with a zeal of enthusiasm and fierce robots! The rules of the game were pretty simple – Goal the Ball. But, RoboSoccer sometimes turned into RoboWars as the kids decided to fight off the bot rather than to goal the ball! *giggles*

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the event and the prizes on display kept their enthusiasm buzzing! One of the participants, Vijay Kaushik CD, took over to being a commentator and brought another level of fun to the game!

IMG_20161114_182342 5

Congratulations to all the participants and the three winners:
1. M Sai Navtej
2. Sangishetty Shiva Dhanush
3. Krishna Agarwal


TIF Labs (Robocraze) organizes Robotics and IOT events on a regular basis at their centre in Attapur. They witness participants of all age groups attend the event. A few times, kids below 10 and adults above 65 have been seen attending the same classes. The instructors are adaptive and explain the concepts with hands-on experiments that keep people of all age groups entertained.